Not completely convinced yet? Check out these testimonials on some of our link building services.

Steve01 “There was an 88% overall traffic increase for all keywords coming from all SEs. Income Before: ~$900 – $1,200 per month in Adsense
Income After: ~$1,900 – $2,300 per month in Adsense

Rish3 “The site is incredible. The theme used for the front-end is simple, clean and honestly what I like most so far. The backend provides you with a play-by-play, as well as a fairly decent progress indicator based on the amount of work completed.

I like that the system requires the client to approve each article after it has been written. This sort of system is something I haven’t seen other SEOs utilize.”

Cziffra “KW1: 50+ to 19 (135,000 searches per month)
KW2: 31 to 15 (74,000 searches per month)”

Kaedus “I’ll go ahead and give a quick review as I got in on the beta testing. This stuff will help your rankings in the long term without a doubt. My site was stuck on the third page at around spot 24 for my keyword. I spoke with Grind about it and he offered to let me push an order through the system.”

Vcize “Not a review per say, but I ran this link package on a freshly sandboxed site (was #7 prior to the sandbox) during the beta test phase, alongside some simple social bookmarks/directories and some consistent, personally hand-written (quality) new content and was out of the sandbox in under a month, at the #1 position for my two major keywords no less.”

rick55555 “I chose Layered Links as one of them because many ascribe mystical and divine properties to the Layered Links providers.”

webetricky “All in all this a great service at a fair price and you get massive quantities of links.”

bitsdawg “All I have to say is – looking at my SERPS – this is has been an antidote, combined with content updates, a bit of onsite tweaking, for the Bad Panda.”

rick55555 “I have contacted them on three occasions. I am astounded by the level of service I have received. I have spoken directly with Grindstone each time. He has, on the past three occasions, addressed each and every concern I have had.”

bitsdawg “I just got my project completed. This is a jaw dropping service.”

evolutionvision “Anyway, this service really is the shit. I don’t know a thing about the secret sauce and I’m void of all of my fancy little softwares to try and figure it out, but it doesn’t really even matter. This is what SEO is supposed to look like.”

patrolorp “I use these guys again and again because they produce quality work that sticks, the properties are made to last and when I look back over old projects everythings always still there.”

mjhettwer “After monitoring how these pages get indexed and valued i have to say i was very impressed with how natural and even they hit in over a 7-10 day period. no potential “blast n crash” going to happen to your site(s) from this structure, just steady gains throughout.”

Armakuni “My Baby Fish project is finished, and I’m impressed by the entire process. Very professional and confidence-inspiring.

Berto “Just got my report and everything looks awesome! This is definitely a high quality service.”

Drandom “Great work guys. I’m placing my second order now. Tried Babay fish. Going for T-Rex this time. Working my way up to Jesus!”

Drandom “You guys feature the most comprehensive and detailed spreadsheet report I’ve ever seen.”

mjhettwer “Top notch work IMO. These packages are as white hat looking as you can get, super clean content.”

JonatanRodrigez “Everything looks REALLY good. Got a detailed report, checked out all links and they are ALL up.”

cheshire “This service pretty much owns every service offered in the BST, and probably any other one online. Seriously, this is the shit. I’m pretty sure they have Panda skin rugs on their office floors over there.”

rish3 “Well worth the money. It did even better on a secondary / longer tail term I provided”

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