What We Do

At Layered Links we produce the highest quality manual "white hat" links, formatted in a synergistic array to create mind blowing results for you and your clients. While other SEO linkbuilding providers are still trying to sell you what worked in 2010, at Layered Links, our in house R&D team is constantly testing new links and new link combinations on our huge series of test sites. When a link or link combo proves out over multiple sites, we roll it into the production model.

When you choose Layered Links, you not only get the benefit of 100% manual white hat link building but you also have some of the best SEOs on the internet testing and researching what will keep you ahead of your competition next month, next year and next decade.

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After monitoring how these pages get indexed and valued i have to say i was very impressed with how natural and even they hit in over a 7-10 day period.
looking at my SERPS – this is has been an antidote, combined with content updates, a bit of onsite tweaking, for the Bad Panda.”
But what was responsible for the $1,000+ increase (per month) in Adsense revenue was that a whole lot of related long/medium-tail keywords rose up in first page rankings as well.